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Pool Tournaments
    • Welcome to Pool Tournaments Online, your resource for Pool Tournaments and places to play.We are in the process of making major changes, so please feel free to let us know what changes you would like to see added to this site.


    • Welcome to the MICHAEL J'S CUES FREE POOL TOURNAMENT BRACKETS web site.You can copy and print out free double-elimination bracket sheets (3 thru 32 players) for any pocket billiard tournaments that you may wish to have.These sheets work for 8-ball, 9-ball, 7-ball or any other pocket billiard games. Just click on the number of players (at your left margin on this page) and you will be taken to that player number page where you can "right-click" and copy the .jpg image and save to your computer and/or print it out.

    • Click on the day to see all the Local Pool Tournaments Listed.

    • Offering locator of pool rooms and tournaments, and provides elimination tournament charts.

    • Planet Pool 9 Ball Tour Offers open and women's tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic and Washington DC Metro region.

    • Here you can find updated information on pool tournaments around the world.By clicking on the links below you'll be able to view the local pool tournaments in every continent.

    • Oceania Pool Tournaments, Europe Pool Tournaments, Asia Pool Tournaments, Africa Pool Tournaments, Latin America

    • Please select a pool tournament location from the map below to view the current tournaments in that area.If you are a pool hall owner and would like to advertise tournaments weekly, monthly, or yearly this is a great advertising tool.Simply click "Add Tournament" below and complete the form. Please include pool games played at the tournament.After a quick review you will be contacted either through phone or email. We will try and cator your specific needs.

    • We will also create a webpage for your pool hall where you can promote your tournaments and let others know why they should visit your business!

    • Pool Table Rules is sponsoring pool tournaments accross the United States by providing Sardo Tight Racks for tournament play.We will provide up to 10 Sardo Tight Racks per tournament. The sardo tight rack is the official rack of the 2005-2007 International Pool Tour.If you would like to sign up for a sponsored tournament email the webmaster or call 800-290-3932 for more details. Pool Table Rules will pay for two way shipping.Please contact us at least three weeks prior to the pool tournaments opening date.Shipping can take 10-14 business days. The Sardo tight rack is the only way to get a perfect rack every pool game.

    • Community Pool Tournaments Where the action is Magazine downloads

    • Pool Weekly Tournaments (byday)Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    • International Pool TourThis section of USBarSports is dedicated to the IPT.Tournaments, qualifiers and results will be posted here for all the IPT events.

    • The International Pool Tour, or IPT, is the world leader in professional pocket billiards.The International Pool Tour is the largest pool tour in the history of billiards, and the best pool or pocket billiards and snooker players in the world are represented from 27 different countries.The IPT has six major professional pool tournaments in 2006 with qualification pocket billiards tournaments throughout the world for aspiring professional pool players.Such pocket billiard players as Mike Sigel, Allison Fisher, Karen Corr, Loree Jon Jones, Efren Reyes, Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Corey Deuel, Gerda Hofstatter, Earl Strickland, Francisco Bustamante, and over 100 more of the greatest pocket billiard players in the world are fixtures on the 2006 International Pool Tour season.Information presented on this website is considered public information and may be distributed or copied. We strongly recommend that International Pool Tour data be acquired directly from the International Pool Tour website and not through other sources that may change the data in some way.While the International Pool Tour makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as content, dates, locations, etc. may change prior to updating.All information contained on this website is subject to change without notice at any time.


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